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Introducing Charlie Morgan Walker!

Happy Friday friends! We have been very busy around here 🙂

Introducing…our new addition Mr. Charlie Morgan Walker:

Our sweet baby boy arrived on April 2nd at 12:26pm weighing a healthy 8lbs 10oz and 20in long. He is named after two very special men who have left us but would both be so proud to know his name. Charlie was my grandfather who passed away in November and Morgan was my dad’s middle name (and is also mine). We are so in love with this little guy- and still in shock he is a boy! We didn’t find out the gender with both of our boys and it has been so much fun. We all pretty much thought this one was going to be a girl though. Little Charlie is doing great and adjusting well to our loud house with a 3 year old and barking miniature dachshund. 😉 Big Brother Davis is doing fantastic. He mostly ignores Charlie and lives in his own little world full of trains, snacks and playing outside…but when he does pay attention to Charlie is very sweet. He says ‘It’s ok Chaawie’ very sweetly when he cries and loves to tell me to change Charlie’s diaper so he’ll stop crying.

We are just loving this season in our lives- as crazy as it is. This mama is going to need many girls nights with all these boys around 😉

My mom came in town about a week before Charlie was born and we spent the time cleaning, getting the house ready and doing a lot of waiting….and more waiting for his arrival. And when the day came he was here SO quick. It was such a special day with all of our friends and family celebrating. And they were literally celebrating– the weather turned out nice enough that our family and friends set up a tailgate outside the hospital. Haha. 🙂

We’ve spent the past 2 weeks getting settled as a family of 4 and taking many many pictures…as I’m sure you can imagine. We already have so many pictures we need to go through. Here are some of our favorites:

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