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Ruby Weddings | Julia & Micah’s Nashville Wedding

Hi everyone! We’re excited to share with you more pictures from Julia & Micah’s gorgeous wedding at Ruby in Nashville. This was such a fun wedding for us. Julia & Micah are such sweet people and we really enjoyed getting to know them. Their wedding was on a Monday which was a nice change of pace for us! They decided to do a first look and had this to say about the experience:

Julia’s thoughts:

“My nerves went out the window after I saw Micah for our first look. It was such a beautiful moment and it was probably the only time we had together without a billion people around! The pictures being done before the ceremony was also my favorite part. We got to enjoy it all and take it all in without being stressed about timelines. From someone who was a little weary about the first look, I would highly suggest it now to any couple!”

Micah’s thoughts:

“Once the ceremony started the night went pretty fast like everyone said it would. The first look gave me a chance to be present and take the time with my bride to realize what day it was.
After that moment , it seemed like time slowed down and I was able to enjoy the day with Julia. Rather than just being anxious until she walked down the aisle.”

Needless to say, they are so happy the decided to do the first look. I have to say- Micah had one of the best reactions we’ve ever seen at seeing his beautiful bride for the first time. It was a very emotional and exciting moment for them and he just kept yelling ‘wooo!’ as he looked at his beautiful bride. 🙂 I loved it. Seeing each other before the ceremony really didn’t take away from the moment she walked down the aisle- as you’ll see by the look on Micah’s face!

We had such a great time with these two. They are the kind of people you just immediately want to be friends with and their love for each other is so very obvious. I love how humble they are too. They’re both in the music industry and very talented people! Julia even recorded her singing Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ and had it playing as a surprise to him as she walked down the aisle. The look on his face was amazing as he realized it was her singing as she came down the aisle. Talk about tear jerker!

Ruby Weddings

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Ruby Weddings

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Building your wedding photography timeline
Happy Friday everyone!
We’re excited to start a series of posts we’ve been writing to give you some helpful tips on all that comes along with wedding planning and photography! Being wedding photographers has really opened our eyes to so much about weddings and what it takes to put together this HUGE day in your life. We’ve been married 5 years now and after being involved with so many weddings we have a unique position to give a little unsolicited advice 😉 By no means are we wedding planners (and don’t want to be- thats a VERY hard job!) but we do think we have a lot of experience that we would love to share.
We understand that you’re being bombarded with questions about what you want for your day and a lot of times you don’t know the answer. That’s when it’s important to trust your vendors to help guide you!
Wedding Photographers Nashville
Building your wedding timeline:
If you’re like us- you want a beautiful ceremony, you want your family & friends to have fun, you want to dance and enjoy yourselves and you want gorgeous pictures. We won’t lie- there’s a lot that goes into making all of those things come together. Time and time again we’ve seen all of those things come together perfectly and the reason is…. the schedule. Your wedding day schedule is SO important and if you allow us to help you and guide you through creating it you’ll be so happy with the way your pictures turn out. There are many factors to consider when creating your wedding photo timeline…
Ruby Weddings
What needs to be considered:

  • Logistically getting people from place A to place B to place C– if traveling is required between picture locations make sure to build in extra time
  • When you can arrive to your venues
  • How many people are in your wedding party and family
  • Doing a first look or not doing a first look
  • Time of year and time the sun sets
  • What pictures are most important to you and your fiancé
  • Venue rules on photography
  • If you have large families- who needs to be in family photos? Just immediate family? Or do you want to involve extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.)
Working with your planner & photographer:
If you work closely with your planner (if you have one) and your photographer, you’ll be able to put together a perfect timeline for your day. We work closely with our couples and their wedding planner to create a plan that is flexible and allows for enough time for pictures. One key to this is building in extra/buffer time because let’s face it- people are always late. If you can be flexible and know that we have extra time built in, it will make everything much less stressful! Our ultimate goal is to give our couples space and time to actually enjoy their day and not feel rushed. The pictures should be fun…not stressful!
We hope this is helpful information and gives you a starting point for creating your photography timeline!
Check back next week for more tips on First Looks, Family pictures and engagement pictures!
Happy Friday!
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Friday Favorite | Julia & Micah’s Nashville Wedding at Ruby

Happy Friday everyone! We’re so glad it’s September- that means Fall is on the way which is a very busy time for us!

We had the honor of photographing Julia & Micah’s wedding a few weeks at ago at Ruby and it was such a blast. It was our first Monday wedding and was a nice change! We had such a great time getting to know these too during their engagement session and couldn’t wait for this wedding. We wanted to post a little sneak peek for them since they are patiently waiting!!

Julia & Micah chose to do a First Look and they are so glad they did. We can’t wait to post next week some of the great feedback we’ve gotten from our couples who have done the first look. It ends up being such a special time and I think you’ll see from the ceremony pictures here that it didn’t take away from that moment when Julia came down the aisle!

Enough of my babbling… check out this adorable couple:

Ruby is such an amazing new venue in Nashville. Check out these doors!

Ruby Nashville Weddings

Ruby Weddings















Ruby Nashville Weddings




Ruby Nashville Weddings

Wedding Photographers Nashville


Wedding Photographers Nashville