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Friday Favorite | Kelly & Dirk on Style Me Pretty

Happy Friday everyone! We’re thrilled to announce that Kelly & Dirk’s gorgeous wedding is featured on Style Me Pretty today! Check it out!



Announcing…Spring Mini Sessions

Hey friends! We’ve had many people ask recently if we would consider doing a Mini Session so we’re going to this year! Mark your calendars for Saturday April 13th! We are ready for some Spring weather and can’t wait for green grass, flowers and gorgeous families in front of our camera 🙂

There are only 8 spots available so hurry and book yours today! This is a great chance to get a quick family session in before it gets horribly hot outside. We have 2 collections to choose from- a print collection and a digital collection. Our mini sessions are open to families, maternity and engagements. Our mini sessions offer over $100 in discounts from our usual prices!

Mini Sessions Nashville

Please email hello@leslieanddusty.com for more information!

In your email please list your top 3 time preferences so we can begin scheduling:

Morning Sessions:





Afternoon Sessions:






Friday Favorite | When friends get engaged

Man. We have really on a roll lately with being able to capture the huge exciting moment when someone proposes!! We were there for Hanna & Rhee and Dow & Bethany and now Tyler & Madison. These two. There’s so much we can say about them. Tyler is one of our good friends and when he started dating Madison we all fell in love with her. They are the sweetest and we’re SO excited for them! Tyler is a very talented musician and we’re fortunate enough to have had him play at our wedding (Thanks bud!). Since then, we’ve been his biggest fans. When he told us he was going to propose to Madison at his show we were SO there. Madison sang on Tyler’s EP that he released and so he asked her to come on stage to ‘sing a song with him’. She had no idea what was coming and it was awesome. I’m sure she was in total shock and we have the whole thing on video so I’ll remind you of what he said Madi 😉 So Tyler starts singing a song and it’s obvious what he’s about to do…

“What Madison thinks is that I wrote this song for my friends wedding which is partly true because they asked me to play in their wedding and I always like to write a song for weddings. What she doesn’t know is that we were dating for about 2 weeks before that and I knew right then that she was the one for me”

Congrats you guys!!!

I love this shot. You can see her head spinning trying to figure out what he’s doing 🙂

nashville proposal

nashville proposal

engagement pictures nashville

engagement pictures nashville

Friday Favorite | Snow shoot attempt #2

Happy Friday everyone!!! We’re busy over here scheduling all kinds of great stuff- weddings for some really incredible couples and tons of family sessions for the Spring! SO excited about all that is to come.

We woke up last Saturday to fresh snow on the ground. It was such a fun surprise. And immediately I jump into gear and grab the camera and Dusty says ‘maybe you should feed Davis first this time’. Hah alright, fine. So, we fed the poor child and then bundled him up for our 2nd attempt at some pictures of him in the snow. He did much better this time. He just smiled at us and then looked at the ground trying to figure it all out. And then he was cold and he wasn’t very amused. Some of the faces this kid makes. He cracks me up. I know we’ll love these pictures so much later. I seriously have about 2000 pictures I want to print of this child and hang on our walls. That would be a little weird though.

getting baby ready for the snow

A smile! 🙂 Mommy is happy now.

His Aunt Cara gave him these boots. She’ll be very happy to see this picture.

OK so he has a ton of hats. We had a little hat fashion show. Before, we were getting pretty good smiles out of him. And then…this. Haha! Davis is not impressed.

Serioulsy mom?

I love watching him take it all in. Sweet boy.

Friday Favorite | Our mini snow shoot

Happy Friday everyone! It’s official. Our child is going to hate me. I woke up quite determined to get pictures of him in the ‘snow’. Yeah, we had about 1/8″ of snow and I immediately had to take pictures! We were literally outside for maybe 3 minutes. Sometimes you just have to call it. Even being a baby photographer can’t guarantee a perfect shoot. These baby models just don’t cooperate sometimes 😉 Poor Davis haha.

We got one semi- good shot.

And then this. And it was over.

Happy Friday!

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