Introducing Leslie & Dusty Photography!
WOO HOOOOO! We are so excited this day is finally here! We’ve been working so hard the past few months on this very exciting rebranding project. It’s been a second (third?) job to us both and we’ve poured our heart and soul into making this business AMAZING. It’s not just a new logo. It’s a new way of life that grew out of our love for what we do and our love for our family.We are truly blessed to have worked with the incredible ladies at Making Brands Happen & Love InspiredLara Casey & Emily Ley and their team helped transform this business from the inside out. I mean seriously… to even be associated with these two is a dream come true. If we were able to soak in even an ounce of their wisdom we will be so happy! They inspired us to dig deep and really figure out why we are photographers. They helped us realize our own potential and brought to life the most amazing visual representation of ‘US’. It’s more than we could have imagined and we are so thrilled with how it’s turned out! Cathy with Love-Inspired created this gorgeous website & blog and we’re so happy to call it our new home. Thank you so much Cathy!
This business has been such an amazing journey. We started as Leslie Walker Photography in Charleston, SC and grew into Leslie & Dusty Photography launching in Nashville. We’re so excited for this next chapter and providing gorgeous pictures that people will be proud to display on their walls! This business is extremely personal to us. We want our clients to become friends. We want to take pictures for people who value their friends and families and want pictures that show them as they are. We know there are tons of wedding photographers and family photographers to choose from and we are grateful that people would consider using us!Check out our transformation! From Leslie Walker Photography-
And NOW…The NEW Leslie & Dusty Photography-
Leslie & Dusty – Our Story Video
Oh y’all this video makes us so happy. We shot this a few months ago with our incredibly talented friend Jeff Venable. Jeff- we can’t thank you enough. If you want to learn more about us and why this business is so important to us please check it out!!
Leslie & Dusty – Our Story from Leslie & Dusty on Vimeo.
If it’s your first time hearing about us- thanks for taking the time to visit our new website and blog! We’ll be posting often so please check in from time to time. We plan to share with you all that keeps us busy- weddings, family pictures, and our sweet baby boy. Thank you to ALL of you who have supported us in this business. We are so blessed to be doing this together. Welcome to our little corner of the internet! Sit down and read all about us and what we’ve been doing.


4 comments on Introducing Leslie & Dusty Photography!

  1. Lisa E on

    Leslie- I am so happy for you! I love the new branding. It looks very Nashville 🙂 Crazy how I have followed you since almost the beginning. Your words of wisdom have helped with my photography journey and hopefully one day I will be where you are 🙂 Good luck to you and Dusty!

  2. Juliet on

    LOVE LOVE LOVE AND LOVE!!!!! It’s so perfect—everything about it! 😀 So excited for you guys!

  3. Yippeee! Doing a happy dance in NC for you! You guys deserve this beautiful new brand. I cannot wait to see how your business booms because of this! Much love to you guys and little Davis!

  4. Just found your new site by way of Emily Ley’s facebook update. Congrats on a beautiful brand and your launch!
    I look foward to following your adventures on your blog! I live in Nashville and spotted several friends in your video (Tyler & Kayla Torti, Tyler Flowers). Beautifully shot, though Jeff Venable never produces anything less.


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