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{friday favorite} Atlanta wedding sneak peek

Happy Friday everyone! Our friends Lauren & Ryan were married in Alpharetta, GA on September 24th. I thought I would post a sneak peek from their beautiful wedding day. Lauren and I went to high school together so it was an incredible honor to be her wedding photographer! I promise a big, fun recap of their wedding next week. 🙂 That’s right Lauren- you get two blog posts 😉 I’m working hard to finish their pictures and can’t wait to share them! Here are a few to tide you over until then…


{friday favorite} Gender Reveal Party

Happy Friday Everyone! I am so excited to share pictures from the gender reveal party our friends Jena & James had recently. It was SO much fun and such an honor to take pictures for them 🙂 Jena and James are also the mom and dad to those adorable little dachschunds I took pictures of last year 😉 and now they are expecting a baby!! I’m so excited we’ll have them as friends with a new baby. Jena owns her own business like I do so I’m sure she and I will have so much in common come March & April!

I loved all the details at this party and the pictures of Jena and James cutting the cake are seriously priceless. It was such an exciting and emotional moment. Check out some of my favorites!

THE cake 🙂

Everyone picked a team– blue or pink and dressed accordingly!

Team Pink!

Team Blue!

The excitement! Everyone was so nervous and wanted them to hurry 🙂

The grandmothers anxiously awaiting 🙂

It was hilarious. They couldn’t get the piece of cake out and for what seemed like forever everyone was yelling ‘What is it?!?!’

And I just love this picture 🙂 Look at Jena’s face!

{friday favorite} Update on Baby Walker

Happy Friday everyone!! Well, it couldn’t be more beautiful outside and my mom is in town for her birthday so I’m going to post this and then we’re headed out to enjoy the day! I wanted to give a little update on our growing little nugget/peanut/pee wee. This child already has a ton of nicknames. No real names yet though.

I’m finally out of the first trimester and feeling much much better! (Thank God!) It was rough there for a while but I’m starting to feel like myself again– except a little larger. I don’t know whats happened in the past week or so but I’m definitely sporting the baby bump. We have officially decided not to find out if baby Walker is a boy or girl… and to everyone who thinks we’re crazy– maybe we are but I think its going to be the best surprise ever! I did take pictures at a friend’s gender reveal party last week and it was way too much fun…. it almost made me want to find out but I think we’re sticking to our plan.

I’m getting very excited and feeling a little antsy to get started on our nursery. We’re going to attempt to rip up carpet in a couple of bedrooms and refinish our hardwood floors soon. Then we’ll really be able to get started on the little one’s room. I have so many ideas …. none of which include any sort of teddy bear, airplane, Disney themed rooms. And just because we’ll need the room to be gender neutral doesn’t mean there won’t be color. There will be TONS of color and I’m sure we’ll leave some wall space for family pictures and newborn pictures. 🙂

I’m craving anything sour. Especially lemonade. I could chug a gallon of lemonade right now. That’s about it for cravings though. I did go through a week or so where I wanted Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner but thankfully I’m over that. 😉

Here is a little bump progression– excuse how terrible I look in the last picture (Dusty you should have told me!). Here we are at 10, 12 and 14 weeks.

{friday favorite} Vineyard engagement session

Happy Friday everyone!! WHEW…I haven’t forgotten about you… I know this is a late post but we just got to our hotel in Washington, DC for the wedding I’m shooting tomorrow. Its been 12 hours of traveling and I’m quite exhausted but so excited to get out of this hotel room and explore!

I thought I would share some really fun engagement pictures I did a couple of months ago. I’ve been wanting to do a vineyard engagement session for so long. Brittany & Blake were adorable and I just love how these turned out.

Stay tuned…I’ll post some pictures of our travels around DC soon. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Oh….and to all my GA friends… GO VOLS!